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e:car WALL

Wallbox ideal for family and apartment houses. 1-2 charging points from one device. Available with wireless load balancing.

Minimalist narrow column with a pair of charging sockets. Optimal for places with limited space and high design standards.

Column for private and public space with a pair of cables or sockets. It offers a wide range of possibilities for individualisation of form and equipment.

Wall-mounted charging station for 1-4 electric bikes. Interchangeable charging cables and optional power supplies allow you to recharge the most commonly used types of e-bikes.

A unique solution for charging up to 8 e-bikes integrated into the rack. Ideal for bike-resorts, bistros, restaurants, etc.

Wireless power management!

Our charging devices can be equipped with wireless power control (object prioritization before charging), which sets us apart from the competition.

Made in Europe

All our products are completely developed and manufactured in the Central Europe. 98% of all components used have European origin. Stainless steel, aluminium and steel bodies. Quality.

We are a young technology company focusing on e:mobility

We are no newcomers in the field of electromobility and we project our experience into our products, which we design, develop, manufacture and sell under the IONT brand. We bring solutions especially for mass charging of e-bikes and individual charging of electric cars. Further, our current development is in the field of micromobility. So stay tuned and watch our next steps!

We are suppliers of charging solutions for Maxus electrical supplies.

Wall charging station for electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Self-supporting charging station for electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Self-supporting charging station for electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Portable charging station for electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Charging stations for e-bikes

Charging stations for up to 8 e-bikes

Your guide to the e:mobility world


Have you bought an e-bike or an electric car and you don't know which charging to choose? We will advise on the selection and preparation for recharging.


Every detail begins with development. We use electromobility ourselves every day. We put our rich experience into our own products.


In production, we pay attention to the high standard of processing of each product. Challenging output control is a guarantee of quality.


Each of our products can be adapted to the customer's requirements, both structurally and visually.


We will install, connect and commission the product supplied by us.


We will provide service for your charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars.