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Electric bike charging solutions for resorts, hotels, guesthouses, etc.


Charging station for electric bikes designed for wall mounting with a selectable number of charging points (up to 4 charging points with simultaneous charging) and type of charging connectors. Designed for maximum comfort, safe operation and maintenance-free operation. 

  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • possibility of graphic design according to customer’s wishes
  • compatible with most types of electric bikes operated in the Czech Republic
  • autonomous operation without the need for an operator
  • Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity
  • possibility of control by the chip card or smartphone

Sustainable design

We develop our products with one of the main principles of electromobility in mind – sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of transport. We therefore try to use as many circular materials as possible.

Customizable front panel

The graphic design can be adapted to the customer’s wishes according to the requirements of the company, the city, the monuments or simply for pleasure. We will help you with the preparation of a customized design or we will design it according to your requirements.

Up to 4 charging points in one device

Charge up to 4 different brands of e-bikes in one place. Maximum variability allows for adjustment whenever you find you need to charge another brand.

Technical parameters

The station is an ideal solution for charging electric bikes of any type in both public and private buildings. The device is designed for simultaneous charging of up to four e-bikes. The type of output connectors can be configured according to the customer’s requirements.

The charging station is designed for electric bicycles (batteries) working with a voltage of 36 V (i.e. about 98 % of all electric bicycles on the Czech market).

Output voltage
24 V DC
36 V DC
48 V DC
Input voltage
230 V AC
Number of charging cables
10 A
IP 54
Operating temperature
-30 °C up to +50 °C
Status indication
RGB indicator
Access control
Technologies Basic Premium
Operation without login
RfID / NFC authorization
Connectivity GSM, 3G, 4G, LAN
Connectivity with photovoltaic power plant

No extra charge patterns

Burberry stripes
(VZ1, creamy brown)

(VZ2, brown)

Blue lagoon
(VZ3, blue)

Polar blue
(VZ4, white with blue gradient)