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With the IONT info app, you can keep track of all the important statistics related to recharging. You can see how many devices are currently charging, how long a single charge takes, and what the total power consumption is. This data will help you plan maintenance and optimize your charging station usage.


The IONT info app allows remote authorisation for recharging. This means you can enable or disable charging for specific users from the comfort of your device. This is useful, for example, for resorts, hotels or commercial e-bike operators who want to maintain control over charging access.

RFID cards

RFID technology is integrated into the IONT info app, meaning you can easily manage user identification. Each user has their own RFID card which they use to authorise recharging. This security feature ensures that only authorized users have access to the charging stations.


Thanks to the timer in the IONT info app, you have the possibility to plan the charging of your e-bike exactly according to your needs. Set the times when charging should start and the app will take care of starting the process. This is ideal for optimising charging at times of lower usage, which can lead to energy and time savings.


The IONT info app allows you to fully manage the users of your charging station. Add and remove users, edit their access rights and monitor their activity. This allows you to maintain a safe and organized electric bike charging system. Each user has their own profile and access details, ensuring transparency and security.


The IONT info app gives you flexibility and control over your charging with the ability to set regulation preferences. With this feature, you can fully customize the recharging process to match your individual needs and priorities. Here's a little more about the three different charging modes you can set.

With the "Settings" function, you can fully customize the recharging process to match your individual needs and priorities. Here's a little more about the three different charging modes you can set:


​ECO charging mode

ECO (Eco Mode) is ideal for those who want to use the inflows from Photovoltaic Power Plants (PV Plants) as efficiently as possible. This mode allows recharging using the renewable energy from the PV. When sunshine is sufficient and PVs are generating power, ECO mode activates recharging, which can mean savings on electricity costs and a reduced environmental impact.

NORMAL charging mode

NORMAL mode is your everyday, reliable mode for standard recharging. This mode ensures that your electric car is charged according to the standard settings, which is suitable for most situations. It is the ideal choice for users who prefer consistent and reliable charging without significant variations.

​BOOST charging mode

BOOST mode is designed for those times when you need to get your electric vehicle back on the road quickly. This mode maximizes charging power, allowing the car's batteries to charge quickly. It's the ideal choice if you need a quick charge before a long drive or if you have limited time for recharging.

With the IONT info app, you have control over how and when your electric car charges. Setting regulation preferences allows you to optimize charging according to your preferences and needs. Be the master of your charging system and take advantage of IONT info for the perfect recharge.