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Our main products

Charging stations for electric cars

Our charging stations are developed with safety, reliability, sustainability and ease of use in mind. They are ideal for commercial and public spaces as well as for homes. We place emphasis on clean, simple design and the use of circular materials.

Charging stations for electric bikes

E-bikes are growing in popularity and we provide charging stations that allow fast charging of e-bikes, which promotes cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

Vision for the future

IONT tech aims to change the way people think about mobility. We want to be part of the transition to a green and sustainable future. With our products and experience in the field of electric mobility, we want to be a role model for greener transport and corporate behaviour.

We reject the typical business model where goods are designed and manufactured in Asia and transported by plane or ship, rebranded, repackaged and delivered to the consumer.

The problem is that these are often low-cost plastic products with a limited life cycle, they have inadequate wiring and parameters for the European market, individual deliveries are of varying quality, they are not compatible, it is not possible to modify them and, above all, this model has a social and environmental impact.

Unique Selling Proposition

Our business model is based on 3 pillars:

  • attractive functional design
  • customizable design as well as features
  • sustainable products and services

We achieve this by making our products:

  • they are developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic
  • have a minimalist body with a customizable front panel
  • make maximum use of quality circular materials 
  • have modular design and components
  • are packaged in already recycled material


Yes, we're serious about it. We've even been recognized for our efforts.

Technologická inkubace

In 2024, we were supported under the system project "Technologicka inkubace".

IONT tech is in Top 5 

Ranking among the "Top 5 Czech sustainable start-ups" and winning one of the trophies.

Innovative company of the year

From the Chamber of Commerce of the Hradec Králové Region we received the award "Local Innovative Company of the Year" in 2024

Great stories start subtly. Let's take a look back at how time has gone with IONT tech.


Introducing the WALL DC charging station


IONT tech is awarded as local innovative company of the year


we have received the SME EnterPRIZE award


we joined the technology incubation from Czechinvest


we launched the first public service


získali jsme světové ocenění za udržitelný obal


we moved to new production space


we won the National Award for Innovative Packaging


2022 is the year of the e:bike WALL and e:bike BAR charging stations


... the first e:car WALL, e:car MINI and e:car COLUMN charging stations are born


1.4 2021 founded by Tomáš Pánek and Jaroslav Kratochvíl IONT tech

Jaroslav Kratochvíl, Managing Director

Through responsibility and innovation we are working towards a greener planet. We are serious about sustainability. We are pushing the boundaries of e-mobility. Innovative design and sustainability are in every piece of our products. We're changing the world for the future

Tomáš Pánek, Managing Director

We are creating a sustainable future one charger at a time - using the latest technologies and sustainable materials. We are reducing our ecological footprint. Manufacturing with heart, mind and pride - Made in Czech Republic.

David Heindl, sales Czech Republic and Germany

Passionate about electromobility, passionate about sustainability. My approach to customers reflects a desire to support and share the love of electromobility.

+420 734 383 322

Zdeněk Kovačič, marketing

A heartbreaker with a knack for marketing. I am creating the future of electromobility for IONT Tech.

+420 734 383 322

Jaroslav Volák

I lead the charging station production team at IONT tech. With the team, I share the joy of working to produce charging stations that contribute to a greener planet. With a love for innovation, together we create design and performance products for charging infrastructure. We look for new ways and look forward to every opportunity to move our projects forward.

Petr Hric

My goal is not only to create quality applications, but also to lead the team to achieve success together in the rapidly evolving world of charging stations and charging infrastructure. A new industry like e-mobility requires constant development. It is not enough to keep up. I am doing everything I can to make IONT tech a leader in charging.

Jan Komínek

I create secure and engaging web applications, giving IONT tech a digital face. My goal is to not only create, but to inspire innovation in the entire EV world. I'm proud to be at the forefront of this revolution that is changing the future.

Jakub Hanka

I am the youngest member of the team so far and I am looking for an area where I would be most useful to IONT tech. I am learning about the development, production and business processes.

Pavla Wurmová

I specialize in the manufacturing processes of charging stations at IONT tech. I have been part of the team from the very beginning, and my skills and experience have ensured smooth operations and high quality of our products.

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